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Hélio Rebello Cardoso Jr.
Universidade Paulista Júlio Mesquita Filho – UNESP

ABSTRACT: Deleuze states that Foucault would have created a new relationship between men and history, a relationship other than that established by the philosophers of history. In order to specify the steps Foucault took to accomplish this invention, I shall support, according to Deleuze, "Foucault's Heraclitism" as the basis for a genuine Foucaultian concept of history. After outlining the risks taken by Foucault's concept of history, I observe this concept at work through the three periods that perform his thought: Archeology, Genealogy and Aesthetics of Existence. The main characters that embody his concept of history through these periods are: a) the discontinuous profile of history; b) the denaturalization of would-be unhistorical objects; c) the historical dimension of body; d) the eddies of subjectivation in history. We shall focus our inspection on the turn made along Foucault's work when he takes into a new account the theme of subjectivity, mostly in the last two volumes of the History of Sexuality. Thus, our attention turns to the subjectivity defined as a process, in order to investigate individual identity as the result of history.

Foucault – Heraclites – Time – History.

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